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Clamoroso in Cattedrale: San Giovanni Battista vietato alle donne (1853)

Posted in immemorabilia by circospetto on 28 settembre 2012

Inspected the Cathedral, which has some beautiful columns, said to have been brought from Jerusalem, the remaining part of the building being of marble, composed of black and white stripes, which look somewhat singular. The Chapel of St. John the Baptist within the Cathedral, has some fine carving, and behind the altar is an ancient sarcophagus, which tradition says once contained the bones of St. John—” Credat Judaeus.” By an interdict of the Pope, as a punishment in perpetuity, no females are allowed to visit this chapel: the daughter of Herodias having caused St. John to be beheaded.

John Barrow, Summer tours in Central Europe. 1853-4. Bavaria, Austrian Tyrol, North Italy, Savoy, Piedmont &c., W. H. Dalton, London 1855. 

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  1. Rosa Andronaco said, on 28 settembre 2012 at 15:26

    ma ancora oggi??? nn è possibile!!!??? … x colpa di erodiade?… aspetto conferma :-)) sn troppo curiosa…

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